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HQ MOUNT latest design waterproof photovoltaic carport 2022-07-28
Solar photovoltaic carport, which combines photovoltaic power generation and carport roof. This is the simplest combination of photovoltaic and architecture. It can be used for single parking space or multiple parking spaces. It can be used for commercial use or home use. Solar carports usually have carbon steel carports and Aluminum carport.

The carport-type solar photovoltaic bracket with waterproof function is a new product recently developed that conforms to the market trend. Different from the solar aluminum carport brackets on the market, HQ's newly designed waterproof solar carport can easily drain water through the grooves in the track, avoid water accumulation, and protect the solar panels and brackets well.

If you want to know more information, welcome to contact us!

At the same time, HQ MOUNT will participate in the American International Photovoltaic Exhibition in September, and we will also show you this new product at the exhibition! Looking forward to meeting you.

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