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What Can I Turn My Solar Project to be? 2022-06-16

What is your solar project?

At the beginning stage of solar power technology, to build a solar panel power station, the price costs more than 10 times compare to the current price including solar panel, solar mounting structure, solar inverter, solar cable and solar constructions. So the first solar projects are mostly in the field or commercial and sponsor by government or with a high subsidy to support commercial solar and residential solar power projects .

But then with the cost cut down step by step starting with solar panel cell, solar power station has been turning to more things.

* Solar Rooftop Projects

Solar rooftop projects not just to generate electricity for households but also cooler the house.

*Solar Carport

Compare to traditional carport, solar carport is profitable especially while more and more electrical cars been used. Solar carport can easily be turned into a solar power station.

*Solar Ground Station

Solar ground station is now been used for more things, especially for farmers. They can have vegetables and animals like sheep under the panel.It maybe not the traditional solar farm, but projects are not just for power.

* Solar Play Yard

In China, most of the private house are solar flat concrete roof, and to have more space on the rooftop, in stead of using Solar Ballasted Solution, People are using Half BIPV, which a solar waterproof projects with a 1.8-2.5m space and turn it into a play yard.

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