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/ What are the conditions for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on the roof?
What are the conditions for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on the roof? 2022-05-18
Solar energy is a kind of green, clean and renewable energy, and it has always been one of the objects that our scientists are keen to develop and utilize. Solar photovoltaic power generation is a specific application of solar energy, which is very suitable for areas with abundant sunshine. As a clean energy that does not produce chemical pollution.

Now photovoltaic power plants and solar photovoltaics are more popular new power generation methods. With the shortage of coal resources, the use of new energy to replace old energy has become our new demand. Many areas have begun to install solar photovoltaics, so the conditions for installing solar photovoltaic power plants on the roof are What? Let's find out together!

1. There is enough light on the roof: the power station is generally installed on the south-facing roof, so as to better ensure sufficient light every day; in addition, external obstacles such as trees and utility poles will also affect the sun's light, which needs to be installed before installation. Take these factors into consideration.

2. The roof has enough area: the roof area is a relatively intuitive factor. Roughly estimated, the installation area of the 3KW system is about 22~35㎡, the 4KW system is about 30~50㎡, and the 5KW system is about 45~60㎡.

3. The roof has sufficient load-bearing capacity: The roof load-bearing problem is a problem that must be considered in the early stage of the design of photovoltaic power plants.

At present, Xiamen HQ Mount has provided solar mounting bracket systems for many countries in the world. Considering factors such as roof structure, age, and roof bearing capacity, HQ design team will issue design drawings according to the actual installation situation of customers to provide customers with the best quality products and services
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