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The big trend of photovoltaic carport 2022-07-13
With the development of new energy, the application of photovoltaic power generation is everywhere. Now in some factory parks, commercial areas, hospitals, schools, you can already see a lot of beautiful solar photovoltaic carports. The photovoltaic carport not only has the basic functions of sheltering from wind and rain, but also can provide a steady stream of green new energy. More and more companies choose to use innovative and fashionable application forms such as parking sheds, adding one after another beautiful low-carbon landscape.

HQ Mount currently has a carbon steel and aluminum solar carport bracket, as long as you tell us your parking needs, our technicians will design carport drawings for your reference, welcome to contact us for more information.

Photovoltaic carport is a system that combines photovoltaic power generation and carport. It has the characteristics of good heat absorption, convenient installation and low cost. It not only makes full use of the original site, but also provides green energy; It can also use solar energy to create clean and green electricity for electric vehicles, new energy vehicles to charge, and electricity for enterprises.

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