200KW Solar Mounting System for Pitched Roof 2022-05-25

With the influence of the Russian-Ukrainian war, various European countries are more and more interested in the solar energy model of BIPV. This project is a 200KW rooftop solar mounting system for one of our European customers.

The solar roof tilt bracket system has great flexibility for the design and planning of commercial or residential rooftop solar systems. It is used to install common framed solar panels in parallel on pitched roofs. The unique aluminum alloy extruded rails, inclined clips, various clips and various roof hooks can be highly pre-installed to make installation easy and fast, saving you labor costs and installation time. Customized lengths eliminate the need for on-site welding and cutting, ensuring high corrosion resistance, structural strength and aesthetics from the factory to the installation site.

Installation advantages:
1. Easy to install
2. High durability
3. Withstand extreme weather
4. Wide applicability

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